Being Human Quilt


Many things divided us in 2020, a worldwide pandemic, racial/social injustice and political unrest. In an effort to make sense of it all, and help process our emotions members of the Denver Metro MQG decided to contribute to a group project that would capture and memorialize the unprecedented year that was 2020. Each maker attempted to capture their thoughts/feelings about what it means to be human, and how we relate to one another. Parameters were: create a strip 6×60 uses 75% neutrals (skin tones) and 25% of one color (rainbow). Within these parameters we hoped to focus on all of the differences that also bind us together as one, the human race. We used black and white that crosses over and is integrated in the middle for our background, and the straight-line quilting highlights the colors of our rainbow.

Nancy Chase
Stephanie Ruyle
Julie Elliott
Erika Echols
Betsy Ryan
Amy Wade
Susan Santistevan
Jan Lapetino
Steph Lambert
Leanne DeVos
Christine Perrigo