Quilted Postcard Swap

Thanks for joining the quilted postcard swap!

This is a 3-way swap with the Denver Metro MQG, the Albuquerque MQG, and the Detroit Area MQG. That means that you’ll make and send two quilted postcards, one for a member of each of the two other guilds; and you’ll receive two quilted postcards from members of the other two guilds. Emails with partner assignments will be emailed on August 4th. You must mail your postcards (yes, you can mail them just like a regular postcard!) by September 30th.

Denver Metro MQG members sign up here: https://forms.gle/X6dEKzujbdh6ha648

Albuquerque MQG members sign up here: https://forms.gle/1oZW2moWeWq9YGkG9

Detroit Area MQG members sign up here: https://forms.gle/vpZCaogacL2BJxVs7

Looking for inspiration? Check out #mqgpenpals on Instagram to see last year’s swap!

There are a ton of great tutorials and tips on the internet about quilted postcards. A couple of quick tips:
• keep it flat: avoid things that might get caught in the mail processing machines, such as buttons
• give it some structure: use something in between your layers to make it a bit stiff and postcard-like, such as interfacing or even just a rectangle of cardstock, but keep it 1/4″ thick or less to avoid extra charges from the USPS
• standard postcard elements: on the back of your postcard leave space for the mailing address on the right side, your return address on the top left, your message on the left side, and your stamp on the top right.
• save room for the postmark: leave about an inch to the left of the stamp for the USPS postmark, also leave 5/8″ at the bottom of for the USPS barcode markings
• you may want to take your postcard to the post office to have it weighed to make sure you’re giving it enough postage, we don’t want it returned to you to re-mail it
• and don’t forget: have fun!

If for any reason you can’t complete your postcards by September 30th, please let the swap contact for your guild know. We know life is busy and things happen, we just need to know so we don’t leave your partner hanging.