Guest Post: Name Tags from Katie of Dragonfly Stitchery

Hello Modern Guilders,

It’s Katie from Dragonfly Stitchery making the complicated easy. I have been asked to give you the lowdown on nametags/badges. The nametags we have to show you are pretty awesome.

First we need a name. Wendy (one of our awesome guilders) loves printing on fabric. It’s uber easy and lasts for quite a while. AND you get to use some of the insanely amazing fonts out there. Have you checked DaFont or Google Web Fonts?

So you have chosen your font. Congrats, step one is done. And you are on your way to an Awesome Nametag.

Step 2 is printing out your fabulous name. To do so hop over to Instructables for printing on fabric. Easy peasy!

Now for the fun! Making the mini flying geese. For the straight flying geese check out Michael Ann made tiny geese keychain. Wonderful, right?! Wendy has shrunk hers down to fit the size she likes.

Don’t these baby geese look fun?

If having your geese all in a row isn’t your idea of great, check out the circle of geese class by Jeliquilts.

And if the geese aren’t up your alley, you can have a great piece of fabric for your center.

Once you have the block made for your Awesome Nametag, you need to add the name you printed off. From there you add your binding. If your strap is going to be attached at the corners like the first one, you will need to put it on now. If you are going to use a clip and grommet, it can wait until your binding has been sewn.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to making nametags. In prepping for this post, I ran a google search and a Pinterest search.

Have you made a nametag? Share it with us.