Our Mission

We are quilters from the Denver Metro Area who are inspired to promote and teach modern quilting in conjunction with The Modern Quilt Guild.

This work takes the form of educational offerings, outreach opportunities, swaps and challenges, and social gatherings.


A copy of our Bylaws can be found here: DMMQG Bylaw revision final July 2017

Officers and Duties

Officers serve a one-year term and are elected by members during the business meetings.

The Executive Committee meets once per month before the regular business meetings.

Erin Amos
denvermetromodernquiltguild [at] gmail dot com

  1.       Preside at all general business, special and Board meetings.
  2.       Create agendas for General Business and Executive Board meetings.
  3.       Maintain the Guild email account – the official communication channel for the guild.
  4.       Conduct correspondence for the Guild including monthly emails to Guild members.
  5.       Serve as co-signer with Treasurer on checks issued by the Guild
  6.        With the approval of other Officers, appoint all Committee Chairpersons.
  7.       Attend committee meetings as an ex-officio member of the committee as necessary.
  8.       Coordinate committee activities.
  9.       Perform other duties as required, as official spokesperson for the Guild.

Julie Elliott
Vice President

  1.       In the absence of the President, conduct Guild meetings and/or Board meetings.
  2.       Assume the responsibilities of President in the event the President cannot complete the term of elected office.
  3.       Serve as backup for any Guild officer.
  4.       Provide support to the President on all Guild correspondence.
  5.       Oversee the Guild membership roster including actions necessary to ensure membership in The Modern Quilt
  6.       Oversee the review of the Guild Bylaws as necessary.
  7.       Maintain General Business meeting attendance records.

Julie Elliott

  1.       Keep minutes of the General Business and Executive Board meetings or arrange for a substitute in his/her absence.
  2.       Maintain a record of all minutes for the term of office.
  3.       Create and provide General Business meeting attendance sign-up sheets.
  4.       Create and distribute Welcome packet for visitors.
  5.       Assist the President and Committee Chairs as needed.

Betsy Ryan

  1.      Receive and bank all Guild monies.     
  2.       Maintain bookkeeping records of all funds.
  3.       Disburse funds as authorized.
  4.       Serve as co‐signer with other authorized Officers on checks of the Guild.
  5.       Make a financial statement available for the members.
  6.       Provide a financial statement to the Executive Board.
  7.       Provide a complete financial report as prepared to the Audit Committee to be presented to the membership in May.

Jonna Gjevre and Kari Vojtechovsky
Web Coordinator

  1.       Maintain the Guild website and social media channels.
  2.       Post the minutes of the General Business and Executive Board meetings on the Guild website.
  3.       Add website functions as necessary and manage all content for the guild site.
  4.       Take and post photos from all meetings to Guild website and Facebook page